Sermons by Sam Jennings

Sermons by Sam Jennings

Memorising Whole Books (53 min)

Sam Jennings (1928- ) was saved in 1944. You can hear that story here. Now, in this recording, Mr Jennings tells the rest of the story: how he and other young men memorised the New Testament epistles, how he was called to the Lord’s work and how the Lord guided and blessed him over 50 years of service in the UK and in various other parts of the world. Reading: Acts 16:16-23. (Message given in Kingsmoss, Northern Ireland).

“I tried, for a whole year, to keep the Sermon on the Mount!” (48 min)

Sam Jennings (1928- ) relates the story of his conversion to Christ on 29th November 1944. Sam’s father was a brilliant violinist, but sadly also a violent alcoholic. In his youth, Sam tried to live by the Sermon on the Mount, but failed miserably. As a teenager he developed a foul mouth and was considered “the vilest person” in the bakery where he worked. But God saved his brother Rowan, and Sam ended up hearing the gospel preached by none…

The Mark of the Beast (41 min)

Sam Jennings preaches on the topic of what the Bible calls “the mark of the beast” (666), which is mentioned 8x in the book of Revelation. This mark will be introduced in the tribulation period after the rapture of the church, once the antichrist is on the scene. Mr Jennings asks two questions: 1. What is the mark of the beast? and 2. Why will there be a mark of the beast? He suggests it is a literal visible mark…