Sermons by John Glenville

Sermons by John Glenville

We Shall See His Glory – “Maranatha” (41 min)

One of John Glenville’s (1920-2013) favourite occupations was to exclaim “Maranatha” when he met another believer. Mr Glenville really seemed to live in a genuine and daily expectation of the imminent return of Christ, as should we all. In this message, given at the Belfast Easter Conference many years ago, Mr Glenville speaks on “beholding the glory of the Lord” and, of course, speaks in anticipation of the day when, caught up all together, we shall see Him and be…

John Glenville – I Am Crucified with Christ (15 min)

John Glenville (1920-2013) preaches on “I am crucified with Christ”. Not many recordings of Mr Glenville are available, but those who remember him will appreciate hearing again the unique delivery and content of this godly, prayerful, saintly man as he brings a powerful but warm challenge to his audience from Galatians Ch 2 as to what it means to live the life of a crucified man. Originally recorded in Northern Ireland.

John Glenville – Joseph and his Dreams (40 min)

John Glenville (1920-2013), raised in the darkness of high-Anglicanism, was saved in 1938 through the influence of a godly boss in London. His life changed immediately and completely. A part time actor, John walked off the stage, never to return. He gave himself to the Scriptures and eventually became a giant in ministry, known for his demand for “chapter and verse” and his oft-exclaimed “Maranatha”. He spent most of his life in Devon and travelled, always by train, all over…