Sermons by Harry Bell

Sermons by Harry Bell

Q&A with Harry Bell (40 min)

Harry Bell (1905-1976) gives spontaneous answers to live questions posed to him in 1964 at a Bible Conference held in Plas Menai, Llanfairfechan, North Wales. List of questions: What does “If thine eye offend thee cut it out” mean? Who are the two witnesses in Revelation Ch 11? Did the Lord Jesus die on a cross or a stake? Did the Lord Jesus die on a Friday? Are the last 12 verses of Mark 16 part of Mark’s original gospel?…

The 7 Dispensations Explained in 35 Minutes

Harry Bell (1905-1976) explains the 7 dispensations all the way from the Garden of Eden to the Millennial Kingdom. The 7 dispensations are 1. Innocence, 2. Conscience, 3. Human government, 4. Promise, 5. Law, 6. Grace, 7. Kingdom. (Message preached in Plas Menai, Llanfairfechan, North Wales, 1961) An edited transcript of this sermon is available here.

Harry Bell – Separation from the World (41 min)

Harry Bell (1905-1976, PHOTOS BELOW) was disabled from birth with poor eye sight and was lame on one foot, Harry was saved while sitting in an RE lesson at School the same year WW1 broke out (1914). An academic career was beyond his parents’ means so, leaving school, he began work in his father’s barber’s shop. A keen follower of football, entering a cinema at the age of 17 he was convicted of his worldly ways and committed his life…