Sermons by Andrew Bergsma

Sermons by Andrew Bergsma

3 Things That Need Bringing Back (18 min)

Andrew Bergsma (1930-2013) preaches on “bring back the book”, “bring back the ark” and “speak ye not a word of bringing the King back”. Readings: 2 Sam 19:9-10,  1 Chron 13:1-3, Neh 8:1-6. (Message preached in Winnipeg, Canada. 28th April 2001)

The Grace and Duty of Continuing (30 min)

Andrew Bergsma (1930-2013) preaches on the topic of “continuing” in worship and service for the Lord, starting in Daniel 6 and moving through the Scriptures on this challenging topic. (Message preached Jan 1992 in Winnipeg, Canada)

Andrew Bergsma – The early days in Holland (22 min)

Andrew Bergsma (1930-2013), whose whole family was “reached through a rice pudding”, tells the thrilling story of the early days of gospel labour in the Netherlands in the 1960’s where large numbers attended gospel meetings, souls were saved and assemblies planted. Andrew was a true evangelist, with an evangelist’s heart, full of infectious gospel fervour and willing to labour both on and off the platform. You will be stirred as you listen to the stories of these early days. (Report…

The Bergsma family – Reached through a Rice Pudding! (32 min)

Andrew Bergsma (1930-2013) grew up in a “Dutch Reformed” home in Canada. His family endured poverty during the Great Depression. All 9 children were raised in the old fashioned way and walked 5 miles to church and back twice on the Lord’s Day. A lady from a nearby Gospel Hall saw the large family of children and visited with a rice pudding and an invitation to Sunday School. That was the opening for the gospel in the Bergsma home that…