Creation vs Evolution

Creation vs Evolution

Creation vvs. Evolution Part 1 (56 min)

CREATION vvs. EVOLUTION (Part 1) – Michael Penfold sets out the scientific bankruptcy of Darwinism. In this presentation, 14 ‘proofs’ for the theory of evolution are refuted and 8 of its major problems are discussed (Message preached in May 2005)

Creation vvs. Evolution Part 2 (63 min)

CREATION vvs. EVOLUTION (Part 2) – Michael Penfold outlines the philosophical bankruptcy of Darwinism and discusses the dark shadows it has cast over theology, history and morality. Reveals Darwin’s influence over Hitler and Stalin etc. (May 2005)

Creation vvs. Evolution Part 3 (69 min)

CREATION vvs. EVOLUTION (Part 3) – Michael Penfold puts forward Biblical creation as the true explanation for the origin of life, matter, intelligence, morality and much more. Includes numerous evidences that the Bible is the word of God (May 2005)