How Did We Get Here?

An explanation of how Western civilisation became woke, followed by a biblical presentation of truth from David Vallance

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7 Things That Are Better Than Other Things (39 min)

Mervyn Hall preaches on the 7 counterintuitive comparisons outlined by Solomon in Ecclesiastes 7:1-13, dealing with reputation, reward, reality, reflection, rebuke, resolution and restraint. (Recorded in Chalfont St Peter Gospel Hall, 26th May 2024)

Jesus is God ( 21 min)

Dr A.J. Higgins preaches on the proof for the deity of Christ found in the Gospel of John Ch 5.17-21. The Lord Jesus is seen there as having unique ability, unparalleled unity (with His Father), unrivalled capability, uninterrupted intimacy (with His Father), unlimited capacity and unquestionable reliability. (Recorded at the Gospel Hall Toronto Easter Conference, 30th Mar 2024)

James McClelland – Three Musts in John Ch 3 (20 min)

James McClelland (1949-2016) was born in Northern Ireland and saved as a boy of 11 in 1960. Later in life, he went into the furniture and carpet business with his two brothers. However, his interest in the preaching of the gospel eventually led him into full time service for the Lord. He and his wife Amy moved to Nova Scotia, Canada, in 1981 where, from his base in Clementsvale, Mr. McClelland preached the gospel far and wide for 35 years.…

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