Sermons by Joshua Jacob

Sermons by Joshua Jacob

Investigating the Bible (1) (43 min)

Josh Jacob preaches on “investigating the Bible” under three headings – 1. Why come to the Bible? 2. Welcoming the Bible, and 3. Working through the Bible. He gives helpful general hints about basic considerations in Bible study including the student’s attitude, diligence, attention to detail and prayerful response. In Bible study – look for God, learn about Christ, listen to the Spirit and “live it out” (Message preached 11th Mar 2018)

The Table of Showbread (40 min)

PART 4 – Joshua Jacob preaches about the Tabernacle’s “table of showbread” under 4 headings. The features of the table, the food on the table, the fellowship around the table and faithfulness at the table. Joshua also lays out some of the general features of the holy place and some of the daily, weekly and yearly events occurring in the Tabernacle precincts (Message preached Oct 23rd 2016)

Tabernacle Furniture Introduction (44 min)

PART 1 – Joshua Jacob introduces the topic of the 7 articles of Tabernacle furniture – the brazen altar, the laver, the table of showbread, the lampstand, the golden altar, the ark of the covenant and the mercy seat. He stresses the importance of this subject and spends some time on all seven items, each of which which will be examined in further detail in the rest of this series of messages (Message given Oct 2nd 2016)

Thanksgiving at the Supper (36 min)

PART 2 – Joshua Jacob takes up the subject of thanksgiving at the Lord’s Supper. What should be our focus as we gather to break bread? Josh brings out guiding principles under various headings:  “Contemplation of the Lord Jesus”, “Commandment of the Lord Jesus” etc. We are there to break bread, said the Lord, “in remembrance of Me”, and thus the person and work of Christ are before us as we gather to give thanks to God for His unspeakable…

Headship and the Local Assembly (37 min)

Joshua Jacob preaches from 1 Corinthians Ch 11:1-16 on the topic of headship and its symbolic display in the uncovered head of the man and the covered head of the woman in the gatherings of the assembly. He outlines the glories in the verses and sets out the spheres of order that God has ordained – world order, assembly order and home order (Message preached May 2016)

The Gatherings of an Assembly (40 min)

Joshua Jacob preaches on the various gatherings of the local assembly outlined in scripture. He spends most of his time dealing with the subject of “the breaking of bread” otherwise known as the “Lord’s Supper”. Under the headings of What?, Why?, When?, Where? and Who?, Joshua teaches timeless principles and gives practical hints for the conduct of the “remembrance meeting” (Message preached Apr 2016)

The Rapture and the Manifestation (31 min)

Joshua Jacob outlines the events surrounding the second coming of Christ, commencing with the pre-tribulation rapture of the church and culminating in the return of Christ to earth at the battle of Armageddon and the inauguration of the Millennial Kingdom. There will neither be a “general resurrection” nor a “general judgment” because the events surrounding the second coming of Christ occur 1,000 years before the end of the world (Message preached 13th Dec 2015)

What Is Unique about the Church and the Church Age? (38 min)

Joshua Jacob preaches on the uniqueness of the church and the “church age”, outlining features that show it to be distinct from the Old Testament on the one hand, and the future Kingdom age on the other. The church exists in a unique period: consists of a unique people (one body); stands in a unique position (Christ’s bride); enjoys unique privileges (sealed with the Spirit); engages in unique practices (“in His name”) and has before it a unique prospect (the…

Why the Bible Matters (44 min)

PART 6 – Joshua Jacob closes the series on “Things that Matter” by preaching on the importance of the Word of God. It is the inspired, infallible, inscripted revelation of God to mankind. Joshua take up his subject under the headings: the exclusivity of the Bible, its exigencies, its expressions, its exhortations and its exclusions (Message preached 27th Aug 2015)

Ruth Ch 2 (27 min)

PART 3 – Joshua Jacob preaches a message from Ruth Chapter 2 which he builds around 3 questions: “Whose damsel is this?” (v5), “Why have I found grace?” (v10) and “Where hast thou gleaned today?” (v19). He brings out pertinent lessons concerning Ruth’s purpose, her pilgrim character, her new people and Boaz, her newly found protector  (Message given May 10th 2015)

The Bible – A Book Like No Other (44 min)

PART 1 – Josh Jacob preaches on the uniqueness of the Bible, the only “God-breathed” book in the world. The Bible is neither ancient nor modern – it is timeless. Though it has been attacked and men have sought to undermine it and destroy it, the Bible still stands as the infallible, inerrant Word of the living God (Message preached 8th Jan 2015)

Moses – Leaving Egypt (25 min)

Joshua Jacob preaches on the departure of the people of Israel from Egypt. He speaks of a people ready to march, redeemed at the Red Sea, finding a remedy at Mara and at rest in Elim. The triumph over Pharoah in the Red Sea, commemorated in Moses’s “song of redemption”, is highlighted and applied to the blessings of believers today (Message preached 7th Dec 2014)

Moses – Introduction (28 min)

Josh Jacob introduces the life of Moses, the man of God. He lays particular emphasis on his upbringing and the mighty potential that was nurtured by his parents Amram and Jochebed. Those years of preparation were influenced and guided by the faith of Moses’s parents despite Moses being trained up in the all the knowledge and wisdom of the Egyptians. A challenging message calling us to imitate the faith of these godly people of faith (Message preached 16th Nov 2014)

1 Thessalonians Ch 4 (42 min)

Joshua Jacob expounds 1 Thessalonians Chapter 4. He emphasises the “call to holiness” in the first 12 verses, while also bringing to bear the teaching relative to the “comfort of His coming” in the last 6 verses. 1 Thess 4 is a pivotal passage about the rapture of the church to heaven prior to the day of the Lord (Message preached 3rd Apr 2014) (Photo: March of Galerius, Thessaloniki).

The Mystery of the Gospel (23 min)

Josh Jacob preaches on the “mystery of the gospel”. He explains that while the gospel message is not a mystery, there are things connected with and comprehended in the gospel that were not revealed until the present dispensation, such as the Jew and Gentile being fellow heirs and members of one body (Message preached 2nd Mar 2014)

The Mystery of the Incarnation (20 min)

Josh Jacob preaches on the “mystery of the incarnation” in which “God was manifest in flesh”. He considers the true Biblical miraculous conception of Christ – not to be confused the the “immaculate conception of Mary” as erroneously taught by Rome – and looks at the Saviour’s birth through the lens of Luke Ch 2 (Message preached 9th Feb 2014)

Kings Manasseh, Amon and Josiah (33 min)

KINGS OF JUDAH Part 7 – Josh Jacob preaches on the 14-16th Kings of Judah – Manasseh, Amon and Josiah. The contrast between Manasseh and Josiah could hardly be greater! Joshua draws pertinent and powerful lessons about rebellion and revival from these notable Davidic sovereigns (Message preached 11th July 2013)

Philippians Ch 1 (45 min)

Joshua Jacob expounds Philippians Ch 1. Paul’s prayer (v4-11), prison (v12-26) and plea (v27-30). He also divides the epistle: Ch 1 – Christ, the passion of a steadfast life; Ch 2 – Christ the pattern of a selfless life; Ch 3 – Christ the pursuit of a Spirit-filled life; Ch 4 – Christ the power of a successful life (Message preached 7th Mar 2013)

The Feast of Trumpets (29 min)

PART 5 – Joshua Jacob preaches on Israel’s fifth annual feast, “The Feast of Trumpets”. He emphasises the practical implications of a day “set apart for the Lord” as a holy convocation as well as outlining the three uses of the two silver trumpets in Num Ch 10 – for worship, walk and warfare (Message preached 22nd Nov 2012)

Exposition of Genesis Ch 3 (46 min)

Joshua Jacob expounds Genesis Ch 3. He outlines the subtle strategy of Satan in precipitating the fall, and teaches powerful practical lessons from this crucially important chapter (Message preached 29th Apr 2010)

The Eternality and Immutability of God (45 min)

THE ATTRIBUTES OF GOD Part 6 – Josh Jacob preaches a stirring message on the eternality and immutability of God. Starting at Gen 1:1, he speaks of God presented, powerful, purposeful and personal (Message preached 18th Feb 2010)

The Deity of Christ (35 min)

DEITY OF CHRIST – Joshua Jacob preaches on the theme of the deity of Christ. He speaks of the attributes of deity, the adoration of deity, the admission of deity and the actions of deity (Message preached 19th Feb 2009)

The Life and Times of Abraham (40 min)

Joshua Jacob preaches on the life and times of Abraham. He traces the root, requirement and reward of his faith and draws out lessons from mistakes that Abraham made (Ministry given on 14th Feb 2008)