Sermons by Craig Munro

Sermons by Craig Munro

The True Evaluation of Things (41 min)

Craig Munro preaches on 2 Samuel Chs 23 (numbers that count) and Ch 24 (counting numbers). He looks at the value of the service of David’s mighty men in their commitment, consecration etc. (Message preached in Bicester 2nd Oct 2021)

Unfinished Business in the Life of David (23 min)

Craig Munro preaches on “unfinished business in the life of David” from 2 Samuel Chs 20 and 21. Bones to be buried, giants to be slain, divisions to be healed, relationships to be sorted and past sin to be resolved (Message preached in Bicester 1st Oct 2021)

The Condition of the Human Heart (40 min)

Clive Barber preaches on the “heart of man”. Among other things, he highlights the sinfulness of the heart and the danger of hardening it, instead of obeying the gospel. Craig Munro continues the theme of the heart, starting in Jer 17:9 where the heart is described as “deceitful above all things and desperately wicked” (Messages preached in Bicester 3rd July 2018)

Sow the Seed (39 min)

Craig Munro preaches on the Christian as a sower “sowing the seed” from Ecclesiastes Ch 11. He urges his audience to have a fresh vision for gospel endeavour – sow in hope, sow generously, sow in faith, sow in time and sow in joy. The from Ch 12 he speaks of the Christian as a student. Only as we study Christ can we sow His word (Message preached in Bicester, Easter Apr 2nd 2018)

The Love of Unity (47 min)

Craig Munro preaches on the need for unity among God’s people, from Psalm 132 and 133. “Behold how good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity”. In a world divided in so many different ways, unity among the Lord’s own is pleasant, precious, peaceable and profitable (Message preached In Bicester, Apr 2nd 2018)

Faith in a Great God (34 min)

Craig Munro preaches on how to make spiritual progress in the midst of loss and disappointment (from Job 36:24-37:24). We need to remember that though God is beyond comprehension, He’s always great; though He is beyond prediction, He always has a purpose; and though He is beyond explanation, He is always just (Message preached in Bicester, 31st Mar 2018).