Individual Biographies

Individual Biographies

Role Models (35 min)

Harold Paisley (1924-2015) preaches on two role models in the Bible. Daniel, a role model for men: Ruth a role model for women. Daniel had an excellent spirit; Ruth was a woman of virtue. Readings: Dan 1:3-6, 6:1-3, 9:23, Ruth 1:14-19a, 3:11. (Message preached at the Toronto Easter Conference 1991)

Jesus Keep Me Near The Cross (28 min)

Harold Paisley (1924-2015) preaches on the apostle John as “a young man standing at the cross”, drawing out lessons John learned as he stood near to Christ; finishing with John as an old man before the throne. Readings: Psa 37:25, John 19:25-37, Rev 4:1-3, 5:1-10. (Message preached at the Toronto Easter Conference, Easter 1987)

For Such a Time as This (50 min)

Elton Fairfield preaches on Queen Esther, who came to the kingdom “for such a time as this”. A much used pivotal Old Testament character, Mr Fairfield discusses when she was, who she was and why she was. (Message preached in Ahoghill Gospel Hall, Northern Ireland, in 2022)

The Life of Rebekah, the Wife of Isaac (52 min)

Robert McPheat (1933-1990) preaches on the life of Rebekah, the wife of Isaac from the book of Genesis. In his own inimitable style, Mr McPheat brings out many practical and poignant lessons from this biographical study. Readings: Gen 24:15-67, 27:6-22 (Message preached in Crowle Gospel Hall, Worcestershire, UK, April 1984).

The Life of Sarah, the Mother of the Faithful (54 min)

Robert McPheat (1933-1990) preaches on the life of Sarah, the mother of the faithful. In his own inimitable style, Mr McPheat brings out many practical and poignant lessons from this biographical study. (Message preached in Crowle Gospel Hall, Worcestershire, UK, April 1984).

Moses the Intercessor (28 min)

Aaron Colgan preaches on “Moses the intercessor” from Exod 32. He outlines the 3 oft-repeated “steps away from God” taken by people throughout history, and likens the dreadful condition of Israel at the base of Mount Sinai (worshipping the golden calf) to the condition of our nation today. How Aaron and Moses reacted to this crisis revealed the difference between compromise on the one hand and godly firm leadership on the other (Message preached 27th April 2017)

David, a Man After God’s Own Heart (25 min)

Colin Raggett preaches on the young David’s experiences – after the prophet Samuel anointed him King in Jesse’s house – when he became the object of King Saul’s jealousy and rage. The dire and dangerous situation David faced was a time of “growth in his soul”. Such are the Lord’s designs with us when He brings us into difficulties and trial (Message preached 25th Jan 2015)

Zacharias, Elizabeth and John the Baptist (34 min)

Alan Barber preaches on the lives and testimonies of Zacharias and Elizabeth, and their son John the Baptist. He challenges his audience with various features of their godly lives and draws lessons from incidents connected with these three characters in the gospels of Luke and John (Message preached 2nd May 2013)

Enoch Walked with God (38 min)

Frank Sona delivers a searching message on walking with God. He works his way through the Biblical narrative about Enoch in Genesis 5 and draws powerful and edifying lessons from the life of this great man of faith (Message preached in Bicester, Easter 9th April 2012)

Moses in the School of God (47 min)

Frank Sona preaches a discerning message about Moses, the student of God in the school of God from Exodus 3. He highlights the three sections of Moses’s life in which he learnt powerful lessons, as God dealt with him and moulded him into a mighty servant (Message preached 8th April 2012)

Progress in Ruth (18 min)

Lindsay Carswell preaches on “progress in the life of Ruth”. Ruth Ch. 1 – the famine. Ch. 2 – parched corn. Ch. 3 – six measures of barley and Ch 4. – a son. Lindsay challenges his audience – are we making progress as Christians? (Message preached 18th Dec 2011)

Lessons from the Life of Joshua (17 min)

John See preaches on the life of Joshua and draws salient and challenging lessons about faith and commitment from this great servant of God (Message preached July 18th 2010) (Photo: Jericho)

Peter and Christ (23 min)

Speaking from Luke Ch. 5, Malcolm Radcliffe preaches on how Peter lent to Christ, limited Christ, learned of Christ and left all for Christ. He contrasted the letting down of the net with that of the paralyzed man (Message preached in Bicester, Easter 3rd April 2010)