Future Events

Future Events

GOSPEL – The Big Question (42 min)

Gene Higgins (USA) preaches on “The Big Question”. After preaching about future world events for two weeks, Mr. Higgins challenges the audience about their own personal eternal future (Message preached 14th August 2006)

GOSPEL – The Final Judgment (41 min)

Gene Higgins (USA) preaches on “An Appointment with the Almighty”. This is a thought provoking message about the final judgment of all the wicked dead at the great white throne (Message preached 13th August 2006)

GOSPEL – The King Is Coming Back (28 min)

Gene Higgins (USA) preaches on “The King is Coming Back”. He expounds on the glorious theme of the return of Christ to earth – the second coming – when He will reign as King over the world that now rejects Him (Message preached 11th August 2006)

GOSPEL – The Coming World Ruler (35 min)

Gene Higgins (USA) preaches on “The Coming World Ruler”, known widely as the antichrist, whose number is 666. This is a fascinating and informative message on this sinister future world leader (Message preached 10th August 2006)

GOSPEL – Galloping Global Grief (36 min)

Gene Higgins (USA) preaches on “Galloping global grief”. He sets out the incredible details – from Matthew’s gospel and John’s Revelation – of the catastrophic events that will hit the earth during the tribulation (Message preached 8th August 2006)

GOSPEL – War in the Middle East (37 min)

Gene Higgins (USA) preaches on “War in the Middle East”. He explains many of the Bible’s prophecies relating to the future tribulation period in which Israel will be attacked but ultimately delivered (Message preached 7th August 2006)

GOSPEL – What is Israel’s Future? (48 min)

Gene Higgins (USA) preaches on “What is Israel’s Future?” From the Bible he traces the history and future of this unique nation – the ‘great tribulation’ followed by national repentance and blessing (Message preached 6th August 2006)

GOSPEL – What is Heaven Like? (38 min)

Gene Higgins (USA) preaches on “What is Heaven Like?”. Under this question he deals with the subjects of life after death, heaven and hell and eternity. A powerful and solemn message (Message preached 3rd August 2006)

GOSPEL – What’s Wrong with the World? (31 min)

Gene Higgins (USA) preaches on “What’s Wrong with the World?” and traces all of its problems back to the entrance of sin in the Garden of Eden. He explains how the work of Christ is the answer to the problem (Message preached 31st July 2006)

GOSPEL – Is There Anyone You Can Trust (40 min)

Gene Higgins (USA) preaches on “Is There Anyone You Can Trust?” He proves that the word of God is the absolute and final authority and that it can be trusted for the assurance of personal salvation for eternity (Message preached 29th July 2006)